About us

Everyday there are more millionaires made in the stock market than there are in any other business. In 2017 the penny stock market has been on fire with many penny stocks that have increased exponentially their stock price in a matter of hours, or even minutes.

Penny Stocks World was created for those engaged in the world of trading penny stocks. Our goal is to provide traders hot Penny Stocks with BIG Gain potential. We provide a completely free service that allows you to receive the alerts straight to your inbox.

Penny stocks are very volatile, which means that their price can heavily fluctuate in just one day.  One of the reasons is because penny stocks are more sensitive to changes in fundamental/technical market factors. Trading can be very risky and because of the changing nature of the stock market it is recommendable to research the companies you trade, therefore increasing the odds of winning. Remember, the stock market is about having the odds on your side. We are always on the outlook for companies that could increase its value in a short period of time.

Stocks We Cover:

NASDAQ: Penny Stocks World covers NASDAQ Capital Market Stocks that usually trade under $5 and have relatively small market capitalization.  We are on the outlook to uncover great NASDAQ Penny Stocks that we believe have extreme potential to increase in value.

NYSE: The NYSE known also as the ”Big Board” is the largest equity exchange in the world. The NYSE lists most of the largest and oldest public companies. However, we keep our focus on Penny Stocks with low cost per share, making them suitable for investors with regular to small budget. The NYSE requires that the stock price of a company do not fall under $1 for more than 30 consecutive days, so companies on risk of being removed take actions such as reverse splits or liquidate assets to improve its operations, this could represent a highly profitable scenario for investors.

OTC (Over The Counter): Penny Stocks listed on this market are capable of hiking at an insane rate. This kind of stocks tends to be at the sub-penny levels…. Such low price gives the opportunity to make BIG moves which could lead to big profits but keep in mind that risk is there too.

MEDICAL-MARIJUANA Stock Sector: This is an area that has been incredibly volatile this year. Medical-Marijuana stocks are becoming more and more viral every day. Marijuana Legalization is occurring all over the US; that leaves us with many opportunities with hidden value. The medical marijuana sector is expected to hike 25% this year totaling 6.7 billions in sales, and it’s predicted to hit $21.8 billions in sales by 2020 according to Fortune Magazine. This represents a huge opportunity for investors to take advantage of the current volatility.

Penny Stocks World gathers a community of thousands of investors that share their interest for Trading this kind of penny stocks so don’t worry you won’t be alone.

Trading TIPS:

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